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They Give Us Unconditional Love...

Our pet companions gives us unconditional love while here on earth with us which is why it’s so hard to let them go when their time comes.

If you've experienced loss of your pet, I am sure your hearts were torn apart.  If this is your first time owning a pet companion, the thought of losing them has got to be a scary thing.  From my personal experience, I broke down myself when my first ever dog Toven was taken away by a malignant tumor which was growing on his neck.

Not Giving Up

Right after Toven was diagnosed and with about 3 more months to live, I was beyond shocked, but instead of just embracing his imminent death, I decided to do something about it.

Growing up in restaurant owning family and having the experience of working in a restaurant kitchen doing all sorts of things for over 15 years since I was just 16 years old and being a strong believer of “you are what you eat”, I decided to do find a solution about this with a pet food made with fresh ingredients. 

After doing some research on what diseases pets are likely to suffer from, what nutrients can help prevent and fight with these diseasese and ingredients that are safe for cats and dogs to eat, I got to work on creating a fresh pet food recipe.


Check Out These Guys Enjoying Our Fresh Pet Food!

Dax & Hali enjoys Heroic Fresh Dog Food!

Kira Chows Down Fresh Dog Food!

Both my Cat and my Dog Loved it!

I heard about Companion’s Fresh Pet Food through a friend who I used to work with and decided to try giving fresh food for my dog.  It turns out he loves the fresh food and even the cat came over to try some and he liked it as well!

Todd M.

Great for my Picky Eater Pup!

I was looking for a soft food for my pup because she had a surgery recently that required her to only eat soft food for a while.  Thankfully, I ran in to Companion’s Fresh Pet Food.  I was a little worried since my pup is a picky eater but I was happy to see her eat all the fresh food that I gave her!

Becky J.

This Fresh Food Improved My Dogs Digestion!

My dog's digestion system was not good and he often vomited. But after taking this highly-nutritious fresh food, his digestion got better and he poos better as well. His personality got gentle, too. I'm really satisfied with this dog food!

SeungWha P.

We Are What We Eat!

Unfortunately, I was too late for Toven and he crossed the rainbow bridge in June of 2017.  From that day, I vowed myself that I would find a solution for this problem not just for my dogs but other pets and pet owners like yourself to reduce the suffering and give our pets more healthier and happier years with us by providing them with our Companion’s Fresh Pet Food.

The Solution To An Old Problem

As you can see on the photo, this is what your pet companions gets to enjoy and you will certainly feel good about giving them a very high quality fresh food every day.

Our fresh food is transparent and you can see what kind of ingredients are used in making the food unlike a commercial dried food. 

With a commercial pet food, not only it’s hard to really know what was used to make them due to the loose regulations and misleading ingredients label, but there are also quite a bit of commercial pet foods that are made by major brands that has been recalled and or being inspected by the FDA because these dried and canned foods have been causing a number of illnesses in pets.

I wish I Knew Better...

I made this critical error myself that many pet owners out there could be making right now.  Before Toven was diagnosed with a tumor growing on his neck, he had a developed a joint issue which made him lethargic.  Wanting to do something about the issue, I did some research and found out eating salmon could help for my Toven’s condition. 

But instead of giving him some real salmon, I foolishly went to the pet store and bought treats and food that said “salmon recipe” or “salmon formula”.  It’s anyone’s guess whether these “salmon recipe/formula” dog treats and food had any decent amount of actual salmon in them let alone anything that is nutritionally helpful for pets. 

Trust, Transparency And Integrity

With Companion’s Fresh Pet Food however, you can have a solid trust on the quality of all our ingredients and the fact that all our food is cooked and prepared in a clean and sanitary kitchen.  If we (humans) can’t eat it, we don’t serve it to our pets companions. 

All our fresh pet food is made locally right here in Utah using ingredients that was purchased at whole sales food markets, the same place that you’d go buy foods for your family to eat, and we are exclusively serving customers in Utah only.

Focused On What They Need

Our Fresh Pet Food focuses on what is the most needed nutrient is for our pets.  Both Cats and Dogs require high quantity of high quality protein, and our fresh food have plenty of high quality protein from real food.

Also on our Fresh Dog Food, we’ve added plenty of antioxidant to promote anti-aging in cells and cancer risk reduction and ingredients for arthritis reduction as well as bone & joint health. 

For fresh Cat Food, we’ve focused on kidney health, high fluid content, taurine content as well as the arthritis reduction and bone & joint health.  

Most importantly, everything that goes in our fresh pet food are naturally occurring ingredients.  There is no chemicals that you see on commercial pet food ingredients list that are nearly impossible to pronounce.

Saving Your Time & Making Your Life Easier

If you look at the list of all ingredients that goes in our Fresh Pet Food here, you might be saying to yourself "huh, I could probably make this at home by myself" and that is true. Getting some idea from our ingredients list and with some research you could certainly do that if you prefer to do the prep and the cooking yourself.

But your time is the important resource in your life! From going to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients, preparing the steaming pots, the cutting board and doing the dishes after, not many of us have the time for all that.

And that is why we are here for you! We want you to be able to spend time doing things that you want to do and things that are important to you!

With us taking care of your pet companion's fresh food, instead of doing all the work yourself, you could spend more time with your pet companion and your loved ones. Wouldn't it be nice to go on a nice hike with your loved ones and your pet companions and enjoy the day and make amazing memories?

In the busy times that we live in where most of us have hard time finding some time to take care of ourselves, we got you and your pet companions covered so you could do much more with your extra time.

The Difference In Quality

The big difference between commercial dried pet food and fresh pet food again, comes in quality of ingredients.  In order to have higher quality food, it is going to cost more.  While fresh pet food is likely to cost you more than the dried food, you should think of feeding fresh pet food as an investment for your pet's health that'll yield more happy and healthy years for your pets.  Also, you really have to consider and think about the ingredients that are used, the cooking process and actual cost for you to feed your pet every day.  Please check out Our Ingredients page to find out what exactly goes in our Fresh Pet Food and why they were added!

Chicken Bone Meal Vs. Chicken Thigh Meat

Let’s look at the types of the ingredients.  At Companion’s Fresh Pet Food, we are very transparent about what kind of ingredients are used and the quality of these ingredients, which are all good for human consumption, like a chicken thigh meat. 

In contrast, among many other examples, you can easily see ingredients such as “chicken meal” or “chicken bone meal” on dried pet food ingredients list.  Just as I did, you must be wondering "what the heck is a chicken bone meal anyway?"  Well, there just isn’t a clear definition of what goes in a “chicken meal” or what actually is a “chicken meal” and experts say a “chicken meal” is something that humans definitely should not eat and they are very likely to be waste byproducts from diseased or dead animals. 

Keeping the Precious Nutrients

As for cooking methods for our fresh food, we keep things either fresh, or steamed (with the exception of boiled eggs) as we try to preserve as much nutrient from the whole ingredients. 

On the other hand, with commercial pet food, they are made with already a low quality ingredients with not much nutrients, but even those nutrients are lost when it gets cooked in very high temperatures.  When you look at the way dried pet foods are made, you'll quickly find out that it's impossible for them to be very nutritious.

Personally, I think of our pets eating dried pet food as me eating nothing but potato chips and processed meat like a sausage every day for every meal.  There just is no way that I’d be healthy if I really did that, let alone live a long healthy and happy life.

Because Dried Kibbles are Still Just a Dried Kibbles...

No matter how expensive dried kibbles are and how nice they seem and how fancy their packaging looks, commercial dried pet food is still just a commercial dried pet food.  Again, the ingredients that are used and the cooking process makes it pretty much impossible for them to have much, if any high quality nutrients left in them for your Pet Companions to stay happy and healthy besides you.

Comparing Us Vs. Other Fresh Pet Foods

Fresh pet food certainly is better than a dried kibble in many aspects.  But not all fresh pet food are the same.  The ingredients used, and the price will have you thinking "is the switch worth it?" as the price for the fresh food made by our competitors will having you thinking that fresh foods are just too darn expensive.

My goal was to make our fresh food as high quality as I can make them and as affordable as possible so that it's not a burden for the pet owners to feed their pets what they deserve.  With that said, we are happy to let you know that we are undercutting most if not all other fresh pet food competitors by at least $10 for a average sized cat and a 15 lbs dog while using higher quality ingredients as well as more variety of ingredients. 

Don't just take my word, you can check out a handful of our competitors such as the farmers dog, ollie and nomnom now to compare the price and quality of the food. How are we able to do this?  It's because we are focused on serving just our local pet parents in and around the Salt Lake Valley!

Before It's Too Late...

I am a big fan of this quote by Benjamin Franklin.  He said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  Feeding your pet companions fresh pet food might cost more initially, but again, it certainly is an investment worth making for your pet friend as having a healthy diet could prevent a lot of health problems and trips to the vets down the road.  Its keeps your pets healthy and happy and you the owner very happy as well because caring for sick pets takes a huge mental and phsyical toll on us.

Personally, I’d be willing to do much more if it meant less suffering for my pups, as it’d break my heart to see my two pups Dax and Hali suffer and I’d do anything to prevent that.  For our pets, if you are unable to prevent the problem, it may already be too late for them as there aren’t enough studies to cure illnesses in animals compared to humans.

Making Meaningful Changes

There is an encouraging saying that goes “dream big”, “never give up” and “there’s always something you can do about a problem”.  We can certainly do that together to dream big, not giving up and do something about a problem to make meaningful changes for ourselves and our pet companions. 

With this meaningful change, we can contribute toward increasing the life expectancy of our pets so we can be with them for a longer period of time while staying healthy and active and I am certain that I can help you achieving this goal by offering the real, fresh food your pet companions deserve. 

Making Age Just A Number

It hurts and annoys me to hear people say to 7-8 year old dogs that “they already had their good years” meaning they don’t have much time left to live and end of life is coming for them.  But we can all look forward to the day that we could all laugh about the fact that people used to say such thing because pets are indeed living a much healthier and longer lives besides us.

More Fun and Happy Moments

My time with Toven, was way too short.  He was a smaller dog and he only lived until he was only about 10 years old.  But with Dax and Hali, my beloved and dear pups that lives with me now, I have high hopes that they live well over 15 years while staying healthy and active as they are eating our fresh food every day and having a healthy life style.  I hope we can achieve this goal together and I would like to share this goal with other pet owners like yourself because I know all pets are special to their owners and they’d like to be with them as long as they can.  I strongly believe this is possible just as humans have raised their life expectancy throughout the years with more knowledge in health, diet and nutrition. 

Please join us in contributing toward making a meaningful change!