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fresh ingredients 2

Ingredients list:

Chicken Thigh Meat (Steamed), Eggs (Hard Boiled), Tomatoes (Fresh), Strawberry (Fresh), Broccoli (Steamed), Carrots (Steamed), Blueberry (Fresh), Chia Seed, Calcium Phosphate Supplement (Powder), Omega-3 Fish Oil, Turmeric Powder, Gelatin Powder.

All the ingredient we use on our fresh food are added for a reason and with a purpose. If you’d like to find out more about the nutritional benefits and the purpose of each and every ingredient used on our fresh food, please check out the Our Ingredients Explained page!


feeding guide

Feeding Guideline for Fresh Dog Food:

Please Click Here to see our chart of Pre-Calculated Feeding Guideline of dogs weighing from 5 lbs to 100 lbs in increments of 5 lbs.

Also, please DO NOT leave the fresh food out in the room temperature for your pets to eat whenever they want to.  Fresh food being fresh and having variety of ingredients, they could spoil if they're out in the room temperature for too long as they do not have any preservatives as eating preservative could be harmful.

Instead, try setting a eating time for your pets everyday and feed them fresh food out of the fridge.  For example, you can feed them once at 7am and once again at 6pm rather than leaving the food out all they in room temperature.  And please don't forget to clean the your pet's food bowl after they finish eating every time.

Doing so will make it so much easier for you to feed your pet companions and they'll get to enjoy eating healthy fresh food everyday!


storing info

Fresh Food Storing Guideline

Once you receive our fresh food, please make sure to have them placed in a fridge or a freezer.  If your pet is unable to finish the entire fresh food you received within about 1 week of time, please store the remaining portion of the food in a freezer to keep them fresh.

Once your pet companion is ready to finish the remaining portion of the fresh food, you can just thaw the food and feed it to them.  You can thaw the food by having them in the fridge for a day or by putting them under cool running water, but we do not recommend that you microwave or boil the food as they could lose some of it's nutritional values. 


our promise

Our 8 promises to all our pet friends and their owners!

  1. We NEVER use any ingredients that we as humans cannot eat on our fresh pet food.
  2. All our fresh pet food is made in a sanitary and clean kitchen environment NOT in a factory or a manufacturing plant.
  3. Our fresh pet food is made fresh in a local kitchen right here in Utah before having them delivered to your hands.
  4. All ingredients we use are either fresh or steamed cooked (with the exception of boiled eggs) to preserve as much nutrients as we can within the fresh food.
  5. We chop up all the ingredients into small pieces so your pets won’t accidentally choke on them and also to help your pets absorb as much nutrients from our fresh food.
  6. Once the fresh food is ready, we package them in a vacuum sealed back, and these bags will go inside a high quality insulated mailer bag to keep them nice and cool until they are delivered at your doors within the next 3-4 business days upon placing an order.
  7. We promise you that as long as you can get to the fresh food on the day that it's been delivered, it'll still be mostly fresh and frozen even after sitting next to your front doors for 10 hours in 95°F weather so you don't have to worry about having our fresh food delivered to your home while you are still at work.
  8. If you tried everything you can and your pet just won't eat our fresh food, we are committed to giving your MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!

Our goal is to give our furry companions more happy and healthy years along side us by having healthy diet and life style.  We believe anything is possible, even achieving increased life span for our pet companions, at least to a degree with eating healthy fresh pet food and plenty of exercise.


    money back guaranteed

    Wait, what if my pet won't eat the Fresh Pet Food?

    If you are thinking “wait, hold on, what if my pet won’t eat his/her fresh pet food?”  In this situation, there are a few things you can try to help them make the switch. 

    First thing you can try is to blend the commercial pet food that they’ve been eating with our fresh pet food and slowly increasing the amount of our fresh pet food and reducing the amount of the commercial pet food until there is no more commercial pet food left in the blend. 

    Second thing you can try is to add a dab of tasty sauce like a barbecue sauce to make our fresh pet food smell a bit more interesting to your pets to give it a try.

    Thankfully though, both cats and dogs eating our fresh pet food has not been a problem.  When they were given two bowls of food, one bowl with a commercial pet food and the other with our fresh pet food, most of the pets actually preferred our fresh pet food over the commercial pet food. 

    They simply seem to like the food that is made with real and fresh ingredients.  


    sad doggie

    Why we do what we do.

    Did you know 9 out of 10 dogs suffer from arthritis and cancer?  The low quality and low nutrient dried food that they've been eating for decades has a lot to do with this as the commercial pet food makers continues to shamelessly market their products with misleading info, ingredients list and a fancy packaging to trick your eyes.

    Cancer, just like in humans is a very painful illness for the pets to go through and is also very difficult physically and mentally for the pet parent taking care of the sick dog and cancer indeed is the major cause of death in dogs. 

    Our focus goes to reducing the risks of cancer and supports anti-aging in cells with ingredients that has a ton of antioxidants.  As with arthritis, we reduce the risk of it by using ingredients with high quality and easily absorbed calcium.

    As a pet parent myself, my hope and goal is to help your pets avoid and prevent these terrible illnesses with our fresh food and potentially save yourself from a costly visits to the vet that could be traumatizing for you and your pet.  

    With our fresh food, we are hopeful that you and your pet companion can squeeze all the best moments together as long as possible!


    Money Back Guarantee

    Make your zero risk switch.

    Before you decide to make your purchase, we'd like to let you know that we totally understand that spending your hard earned money to make a purchase from a brand that you've never heard of is not a easy thing to do and also wanting to look around for other options to see what is best for your pet companions, as I would feel and do the same as an owner of two lovely dogs.

    So we wanted to make things super easy for you where if you decide to give us a try, and if by any chance you are left feeling unsatisfied with our fresh pet food for any reason, we promise you to give you 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.

    But if you feel unsatisfied and would like your money back, no problem, reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we'll get it done.  And you don't even has to return the fresh food back to us, it will be a zero hassle process.  We just ask you to let us know the reason for you feeling unsatisfied with our fresh food so that we can use your valuable feedback to make improvements.

    Make the decision to switch and give your pet companions healthy and real fresh food that they deserve for all they love and happiness they give you!

    Customer Reviews

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    Stephanie Hansen

    Heroic Fresh Dog Food Regular (~4.5 lbs)

    Tiffany Evans
    Make you DOG happy and healthy!

    The Heroic Fresh food is an affordable way to keep your dog healthy and happy. I am grateful I found this fantastic local company. The customer service is outstanding, and the company truly cares about its clients.

    Great for my picky eater dog!

    My dog was in need of eating some soft food after having a surgery. Thankfully a friend of mine told me about companion's fresh food for pets. I was worried that my picky eater dog won't eat the fresh food, but I was so gold that he eat all of the fresh food that I gave him!