Choosing Us Over The Others

Standing out from the crowd.

standing out among others

Making your decision on whether to feed your pets a commercial pet food (dried or wet) or a fresh pet food is so easy especially if you’ve done some research about the commercial pet food industry or picked up on the information we’ve provided on our website.  Even with just a little knowledge, it just doesn’t make sense to feed your furry babies commercial pet food.  If you want to find out more about what's going on in the commercial pet food industry, please feel free to read some short articles here.

As mentioned on other pages, commercial pet food manufacturer "Brand A" currently has one of their 10 lbs dried kibble up for sale at $42.99.  The dried pet food from "Brand A" tends to be priced higher than it's competitors but even then 10 lbs of dried kibble for $42.99??  That is outrageous price considering that our ~9 lbs Heroic Fresh Dog Food which is handmade in a kitchen with all fresh ingredients is also priced at $42.99 as well with subscription.  Please remember, the difference in quality of commercial dried pet food and a fresh pet food is massive!

Also, please don’t fall for the “pets should only eat kibbles” talk.  Again, once you find out what is used to make them and how they are made, it’s not hard to realize that it’s really impossible for commercial pet foods to have any decent nutrients.  Believe it or not, during the 1930s-1950s doctors recommended that people pick up on smoking cigarettes because it’s healthy for their health until they realized that it wasn’t healthy at all to smoke. That is precisely what we’re seeing in the world of pet food.

Then there are other fresh pet food companies.  They are certainly a step above the commercial pet food. It’s good to see people who are awake and aware about what’s going on in the pet industry starting their fresh pet food companies like I have.

But here are some difference that really makes Companions Fresh stand out among the crowd and 8 reasons on why you should choose us over the others!

1. Our fresh food is focused on what our pet friends really need.

There are these things called carb fillers in commercial pet foods. A lot of carb fillers are use when making commercial pet food because carbs are cheap and have long shelf life. And the thing is, cats and dogs need high quality protein more than any carbs, but even some fresh food companies use quiet a bit of carb fillers on their fresh food. 

I guess they’re at least fresh ingredients, but again, cats and dogs don’t need that much if any carbs in their diet.  Thankfully though, our fresh food has achieved zero carb fillers. We don’t use cheap ingredients like potatoes, rice and beans that our pets just don’t need.  Instead, we put in ingredients that they actually need with plenty of protein so they can stay healthy and happy.

2. We don’t use any ground meat.

Most fresh pet food companies out there tend to use ground meats as the source for protein.  If you look at it from a business stand point, it makes sense.  They do provide protein, they are fresh ingredient and they are also cheaper than whole meats (reducing the cost of production).  But is this good from pet owners stand point?  Not so much...  Would you eat ground meat every day for every meal?  I certainly wouldn’t. 

Ground meat is a mix of several animals and you can’t really tell exactly what goes in there.  And one thing we don’t like to do here at Companions Fresh is not being transparent.  Even the companies who make ground meat don’t exactly know what goes in their mix.  This is why there is a frequent outbreak of E. Coli from ground meats.  Our fresh food in the other hand, don’t use any ground up meats.  All our protein are fresh and whole, you know exactly what they are and that’s exactly what your pets deserve in their fresh food.

3. We don’t use any raw meat.

There are a some raw meat diets out there for pets. I guess if you think about it, it makes sense.  Animals out in the wild like wolfs and lions eat raw meat.  So it works out well for you to feed your pets that what their ancestors have been eating right?  Close, but not quite.  Wild animals live on their lives eating raw meat out in the wild.  And the raw meat they eat are fresh as it can get since they’ve just been hunted down. 

But in order for domestic pets at our homes to eat raw meat, they have to be worked on by a processing plant and or a butcher at a local market.  This takes time and while they are fresh for us to cook and eat, I would think twice if I were to eat the raw meat from the market myself.  With all the process and time it takes for a fresh meat to get our hands, they're are just not as fresh as the raw meat that wild animals eat.  They’re also likely to sit in your fridge for a while which also reduces the freshness at least to a degree for it to be safe to eat them raw. 

And with all that also comes the big problem of salmonella contamination.  If we were to eat more raw meats, we’d be dealing a lot of problems with salmonella and I don’t want that to be the case for our innocent pet friends.  This is why we steam cook all of our meats.  By steam cooking it, we get to cook the ingredients so they are safe to eat and also we get to keep as much nutrients within the ingredient so your pets can enjoy our tasty fresh food full of useful nutrients.

4. We use ingredients that are scientifically proven to prevent deadly diseases.

The whole reason I took up on the challenge of making fresh pet food recipes was because I wanted to do something for my dog Toven when he was suffering with a malignant tumor.  I was looking for all sorts of ways and anything I can give him to help him recover.  Unfortunately I was too late and he has been on the other side since June of 2017 but from this experience, I did a ton of research and learned a ton on what kind of food helps prevent and fight certain diseases. 

If you go to the Our Ingredients page on our website, you can see the purpose of all of our ingredients.  If you are interested in finding out what each and every ingredient in our fresh food does please click here I am a firm believer of “you are what you eat” and I’ve been feeding our fresh food diet to my own two pups Dax and Hali ever since I adopted them because I would do anything to prevent them from suffering.

5. Affordable price without compromise.

Despite using whole and fresh ingredients, I tried my best and everything I can in my ability to keep the price as low as I can without going out of business.  I believe in high volume sales where our fresh food is accessible to anyone and everyone who owns a pet because it hurts me to see pets, even if they are not mine, suffer from pain that could’ve been prevented with a healthier diet and life style. 

When you compare us to the "premium" brand dried kibbles, we are competitive with their price when you look at the per pound cost of food even though we are making fresh pet food with real and fresh ingredients which gives a massive quality difference.  When you compare us to most if not all other fresh pet food, we easily undercut their price by at least $10 for an average sized cat and 15 lbs dog (more for heavier dogs).  We are able to do so because we are focused on serving just our local customers.  Compare the price and the quality yourself!  We did our comparison with the farmers dog, ollie and nomnom now which are all nationwide company.  

We also offer 15% discount for any subscription orders to show our appreciation to our customers that trusts us to provide healthy fresh food for their pets.  With how affordable our fresh food is compared to others and knowing that all our ingredients were being sold for human consumption at a whole sale food markets, you can feel good knowing that your are feeding your pet friends what they deserve for all the love and happiness they give you.

6. Hand made with care in a kitchen. 

All our food is hand made by a human person at a kitchen where you cook foods for humans.  To be honest, starting a business from scratch, I didn’t have the money to get in to a big manufacturing plant but then again, I didn’t think that was a good idea anyway because it’s difficult to put care and effort to each bag of fresh pet food if they were being made at a big plant. 

Believe it or not, one of my role model business is the famous California burger joint In-N-Out.  You’d think it would’ve been some other pet food companies, but no.  There just isn’t a pet food company that is nearly as up to my standards.  With In-N-Out, they provide gourmet burger at an amazing price and they are also super careful about where they get their beef.  They also make all their burgers from scratch in a open kitchen. That is exactly what we want to be except we offer fresh pet food instead of burgers. 

7. Made fresh locally for local customers only. 

Most of fresh food companies out there say that they ship their product nationwide.  But I am not so sure how they are able to deliver temperature and time sensitive fresh food across the nation especially knowing that the cost of shipping would be crazy if you need to get things shipped in such a short time frame for its freshness.  Perhaps that is the reason why these fresh pet foods are so expensive.

In any case, I would have some concern about it’s freshness by the time it arrives at your doorstep.  This is why we offer our fresh food only to our local customers. It keeps the cost of delivery down and they’ll be much more fresher when you receive them.  There won’t be any concerns of receiving spoiled fresh food if you get it from us.  Our test allowed us to verify that in our insulated mailer bag, the fresh food inside stayed mostly frozen even after 10 hours of sitting outside in 95°F weather.

8. Profit sharing referral program. 

On top of everything I mentioned above, we also have a profit sharing referral program.  I’ve always been a type of a person who liked sharing whether they are good food or good information, I always felt the urge to share it with those who I care about.  And that is what I want to do with pet related business/organization and anyone who loves and cares about their pets, share and grow together.  I am very happy and excited about our opportunity to work together and achieve some great things. 

If you are thinking, “is this another one of those pyramid scheme, multi-level-marketing business”, we can assure you that it’s not.  It’s more like offering shares of our business, and we just think it’s a nice way for us to share our profit with those who spread kind words about our business.  It’s also certainly not a get rick quick scheme but over time, it could yield a handsome passive income every week.  To learn more about our profit sharing referral program, please click here.


Give us a try! We are sure that you won't regret it!

With all that, we hope we gave you plenty of reason to choose us over the others out there.  I am sure you will not regret the decision you’ve made.  And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page.  We’ll make sure to get back to you within 24 business hours.

Thanks so much for picking Companions Fresh!