Pet Food Alert Articles

Alert! Things all pet owners should know about commercial pet foods!

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Here, I would like to share with you some important informative articles about what you may be feeding your pet companions.  Some of these news maybe shocking but bear in mind that knowledge is power and there’s always something you can do about a problem.


FDA Full List of Pet Food Recalls.

See the FDA’s full list of pet foods that are on recall.


Grain-Free Pet Food Linked to Heart Diseases.

Find out what is causing heart diseases and even death in some family dogs.


Toxic Amount of Vitamin D Found in Dried Pet Food.

Too much of anything can never be good and toxic amount of Vitamin D can be fatal to pets.


Euthanasia Drug Found on Dried Dog Food.

Pet food supplier knowingly pushed out foods contaminated with euthanasia drug.


Why Dried Pet Food are Fake and How They Are Made.

Once you find out how dried pet foods are made, you’ll know why they are fake.


Importance of Human Food for Dogs.

Some human food shouldn’t be fed to pets, but we humans eat food made with whole ingredients.


How Misleading Dried Pet Food Ingredients Label are.

Ever wondered what the things you see on commercial pet food ingredients label like the "chicken bone meal"? This article will answer that question.


Scary Facts about Dried Commercial Pet Food.

Knowing the fact and truth about commercial pet food is going to change the way you see and feel about them.


Dried Pet Food Plant Stinks Up Nearby Neighborhood.

We have to wonder, what must be used to make pet foods to have one pet food plant stink up the nearby neighborhoods.


Update: 9/5/2020


Pet food ingredients that you should question.

If by any chance you are still feeding your pet babies dried pet food, you can find list of ingredients on their list that you should watch out for,


The truth about commercial pet food regulation.

Find out how commercial pet food standards are set by AAFCO and the FDA and how commercial pet food company are able to have misleading labels on their package.



Excessive "Mold By-Product" found in dried pet food and gets recalled.

There was a voluntary recall on this commercial pet food which is good to see I guess, but why is there excessive "Mold By-Product" in pet food???  Molds are bad enough, but mold by-product?  What is that even supposed to be?  Yuck!


Top 5 commercial pet food manufacture with the most amount of recalls.

Find out which commercial pet brand had to recall their pet food the most, and also who really owns these big commercial pet food companies.  Here's a hint, they make candies... 


Does the commercial pet food companies really care about your pet companion?

Recall after recall after recall...  At this point, you really have to wonder if the commercial pet food manufacturers really care about your pet friend's well being...


We hope reading some of these articles have been informative for you.  Again, Knowledge is power and you can use the power to give the best and take good care of unconditional love giving pet friends of ours!

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