Money Back Guaranteed Promise

Our Bold Promise To All Our Customers

money back guaranteed promise

We understand that buying a fresh food made by a new start-up company could feel risky.  We can see our customers being worried about the quality of the food and whether your pet companions will eat the fresh food or not before giving us a try.

We totally understand you and we can promise you that our fresh food is made with top quality ingredients that is being sold for human consumption that you and I eat everyday and from our experience, most cats and dogs didn't have any problem chowing down our fresh food even when they were given a commercial dried pet food and our fresh pet food side by side.

In case your pet companions won't eat our fresh food, there are a few things you can try to have them comfortably make the transition from eating commercial pet food to our fresh pet food.  You can find that information toward the end of all of our product description.

However, if you find a defect with our product, have a legitimate problem with the quality of our products or your pets just won't eat our fresh food despite trying the methods we've provided for making the transition, we promise you to make a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.

That is how confident we are with our fresh food and we are happy to reduce any risk for our customers trying out our product for the first time!

If you have additional question or concerns, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us page or emailing us at

Thanks so much for picking Companion's Fresh!