Companion's Referral Program

Growing Together!

growing together

Here at Companion’s Fresh, we want to grow and share together with fellow pet related business owners as well as anyone who loves and care about their pet companions.

This is why we have developed a referral program to share our profit with others who bring us successful referrals.  We are offering from 30% and up to 50% of our net profit with anyone or any businesses that inform and nudge someone to check out our website and ultimately make a purchase from us.  Please check our Referral Level System to find out how you can get up to 50% of our net profit from your referral’s purchases.

*Please note that our Companion's Referral Program is Optional.*  You can choose to enjoy giving our fresh food just to your pets or let others know about it, so they can try giving their pets healthy fresh food and also take advantage or our Companion's Referral Program.

With our Companoin's Referral Program, there is no membership fee and other hidden fees, meaning, essentially you pay absolutely zero out of your pocket to benefit from our referrals program.  Though, we'd love for you to try giving our fresh food at least once to your pet friends so you know what it's like, you're not required to be making a purchase from us every week or every month to enjoy the benefits of our referrals program. 

For businesses, we are even covering for the informative brochures that you can give to a person who is interested in checking us out!  Literally, you can get paid by trying our product for yourself and telling others what your thoughts and experience are with them.

Once the person making the purchase let us know who they’ve heard about us from and their contact information such as an email address at the end of the checkout process, the name of person making the purchase will go under the person or business that referred the purchaser to our business.  And any time and every time your referral makes a purchase, whether it’s their first purchase or their hundredth, 30% - 50% of the net profit from every single purchases will be shared with you, the referrer.

For example, John has told Jane about Companion’s Fresh Pet Food.  Jane takes a look at our website and decides that she wants to try our fresh pet food for her dogs.  Once she finishes her checkout process, she’ll be asked who/where she has heard about Companion’s Fresh Pet Food from and their contact info.  She writes John and his email (and or phone number) and completes the purchase.  Jane will now go under John’s name and from that point, and any time Jane makes a purchase with us, John will be getting from 30% and up to 50% of our net profit depending on his referral level.  The more people John has under his name making purchase every week, the percentage of shared net profit will increase using our Referral Level System.  If Jane makes a successful referrals of her own, she can also enjoy the same benefits of our Referrals Program that John now has.

Anyone who made their first successful referral will be sent a form (via email) that they’ll have to sign.  Because the referrer does not have to do anything except let people know about their experiences with our products and nudging them to check us out, the form just explains what kind of information we promise to share and provide with you to be transparent with the purchase records of your referrals and the amount of commission that will be paid each week (our commission cycle starts on Monday at 12:00AM and ends on Sunday at 11:59PM).  On this form you can also choose how you’d like to receive their commission (checks or direct deposit).  Once the form has been filled out and signed, you can either scan or take a photo of your document and send it to or simply click submit if you signed an E-Document.

With that said, please make sure that your referral is aware of your Name and Contact info (mobile phone or email). *And, please keep your eyes out for an email or a text message after your first referral attempt.*  If your first referral was successful, we’ll be sending you the Companion's Referral Program agreement document that you need to fill out and submit to us in order for us to pay your commission!

We are very excited to share our profit with you and grow together as fellow pet lovers!

Thanks so much for picking Companion's Fresh!