Why Pet Food Regulation is Loose

Imagine if you ate, let say something like a frozen meal you bought at the grocery store and got really sick.  And I mean really really sick where you had to go to the hospital.  Not only that, it turns out that there are others who ate the same frozen meal also got so sick that they also had to go to the hospital. 

If something like this were to happen, people who got sick from eating the frozen meal would be very angry at the manufacturer that made this frozen meal.  And the manufacturer would be in a big trouble with the FDA and also possibly having to compensate the people who were affected.

Messing around with human food and not taking proper care of them is too much trouble and hassle for the manufacturer that they are motivated to keep things to the standards of the food regulation.


Now let's look at how things work with pet foods.  What would happen if your pet ate certain pet food and got really sick?  First thing we have to understand is that pets, at least in the United States, are considered a property.  This is a key point because the fact that they are considered a property gives them a different standards when something goes wrong with them.

When you think of property, you think about cars, houses, and furniture which are things that are not alive but that same standard is applied to our pets that are living beings.  This is why there are less consequence for pet food makers when your pet eats a pet food contaminated with harmful chemical and gets sick or even lose their lives.

Ultimately, this means that because pets are considered a property, the regulation and and consequence for pet food is loose, and because of that, the giant pet food manufacturer can cut corners and use very cheap food waste to make commercial pet food.  Just ask anyone who worked at a dried pet food manufacturing plant, what kind of ingredients are used in what kind of environment.  No wonder people living close to these big pet food plants complain about stinky smell.

happy dog

This is why us pet owners needs to take things into our own hands because the loose regulation of pet food is not likely to change any time soon.  It's common thing to see pet food made by the same manufacturer be recalled over and over again for the same reason which makes me wonder if they care at all about our pet's well being and whether they are willing to make the changes needed so their food is not recalled the next time.

This is why Companion's Fresh was created.  Because the commercial pet food companies aren't giving their pet food high standard of regulation, I had to give one myself which was "I am not going to give anything that I can't eat myself to our pets."  

I want my two dogs Dax and Hali to live a very long happy and healthy life alongside me and I am sure that other pet owners feels the same about their pets.  So I ask you to give us a try, so you no longer have to worry about the loose regulation of the commercial pet food and having to worry about what your pets are eating everyday.

You can do so much for your pets with a healthy diet and healthy life style.  Down the road, I am sure that your pet will thank you for it and yourself will be thankful that you are doing your best for your pets.  I know I am and I will for sure.