Why many people still believe "dogs should ONLY eat dog food"

When you come across this blog post, you might be wondering "why is there a photo of cigarette?"  This is because I would like to share with you the history behind the marketing tactics that was used to have people be hooked on to buying or believing in something.

In the early 1900s, believe it or not, smoking cigarette was advertised and marketed as a healthy thing to do for us humans.  So many people fell for this, got hooked to smoking cigarette and the result were far from a person being healthy for smoking cigarettes.

Bacon was also marketed as a very healthy thing to eat during this time as well.  It was marketed by the "experts" as a "great source of protein" and we can all guess what happened to people who bought into this marketing tactic and ate lots and lots of bacon.  This still carries on to this day as bacons are a very popular ingredient used for cooking breakfast.  Very tasty, but not as healthy as advertised in the past.

All this is understandable because in the early 1900s, getting quality information for something that you are looking for was very difficult.  What an "expert" said was the truth in many instance during this time.

marketing tactic to rake in the money

This, as you can see above, has a lot to do with money.  In fact, this marketing gimmick still goes on to this day.  If there is money that can be made, some people will do anything even if it could possibly harm the consumers who buy what they offer.  people however, over the years has gotten smarter and realized that smoking cigarette and eating too much bacon is harmful to their health, but there is one marketing gimmick that many folks out there have failed to realize.  That one thing is commercial pet food.

There is two things we should all look into when looking at commercial pet food.  First thing is what we've been told all these years ever since dried kibbles were introduced to the market around the 1920s.  Since then and to this day, we are told by the "experts" and the manufacturers of these dried kibbles that dogs should ONLY eat kibbles.

This is simply not true.  Throughout history, us humans and dogs lived alongside each other long before there was a thing call the kibbles ever existed.  And guess what?  These dogs actually lived slightly longer by eating table scraps given by their human owners.  Of course, human foods tend to be heavily seasons which is unhealthy for us as well and there are some food that our pets shouldn't eat, but certainly not true that dogs should only eat kibbles if you look at the history.  Or you can also look at wild animals and see what they eat.  But unfortunately, many of us fell for it and still to this day, believe that dogs should only eat kibbles.

Second is the fancy and colorful pictures of ingredients that you can frequently see on the packaging of the kibbles made by giant commercial pet food makers that are very often owned by even bigger candy company.  However, there isn't any law that says "you cannot have pictures of ingredients that is not included in pet foods".  So this one gets a lot of us fooled because dried kibbles are certainly not made with fresh chicken or carrots that you may see on the packaging.  In fact, they're mostly made with food waste that us humans cannot eat.

These marketing tactics are similar to the advertisements and commercial that we used to see few decades ago made by the cigarette makers.  A commercial of handsome man and or a beautiful woman smoking to make smoking look cool has been banned but these type of false advertising and commercials still goes on with commercial pet food. 

Again, this is all done for money.  The commercial pet food makers would love to have their consumers believing in the saying "dogs should ONLY eat dog food" and keep on selling their commercial dog food and rake in the profits.  They need you to keep on believing this because if not, they'd start to lose money or even go out of business.  And they'll keep on pushing these marketing tactics so we must stay vigilant and be a smart consumer for our pets.

But with that said, I just hope that this blog can help some pet owners out there to realize that the saying "dogs should ONLY eat dog food" is just not true.  It's just like how people used to say "smoking cigarettes is healthy for your body" which is also far from the truth.  Doing so hopefully will help pet owners to take a small steps toward being able to keep their innocent pets healthy and happy.  Only us pet owners can make the change for their pets as our pets are 100% dependent on their owners.