What to feed your Pet when you run out of Fresh Food

This happens to me sometimes, where I have ran out of fresh food for my dogs.  I know will make some more that same day, but what I am going to give them for their breakfast? 

Because we use USPS for delivering our fresh food, and they don't deliver on Sunday or on holidays, there may be some times where you run out of fresh food and are waiting for the next delivery.  We certainly don't want your pets to be fed commercial food while waiting for the next order so here are some things that you can give your pets until the next delivery of fresh food arrives.

First thing you can use to make temporary fresh food is eggs.  Eggs are called complete food for a reason and they make a very easy ingredient for making some food for your pets.  You can either scramble them or boil them and chop them up for your pets.

You can also use chicken as well if you have some.  With chicken, please do make sure that all the bones have been removed as they can be choking hazard for your pets.  With chicken, I like to steam cook them, chop them up and serve it to my dogs.

Along side these protein, I like to add some fruits that are easily found in your kitchen.  These fruits include apples, banana, strawberry, blueberries and so forth.  Just make sure to give a quick Google search on if your cat/dog is okay to eat certain fruit as there are handful of fruits that your pets shouldn't eat.

Once you have made sure that you have these ingredients, make sure to have the food be at least 60% protein and 40% fruits/vegetables and now you have a healthy temporary fresh food to give your pets while waiting for your next delivery!

Hopefully this can help keep your pet companions eating healthy fresh food at ALL times!