The benefits of Turmeric

The Cancer Fighting Ingredient

Have you heard of a spice called turmeric?  They are an orangey colored root, usually sold in their powered forms that is a major spice for a popular dish in Curry.  Turmeric powders are also added to our Heroic Fresh Dog Food as well, and we added them for a good reason.

Turmeric has scientifically proven to have the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s as well as cancer.  It is also known to help with inflammation (which is cause of many diseases including cancer) and it may even help improve symptoms of arthritis.

This is precisely why we add Turmeric powder to our Fresh Dog Food, because Dogs can suffer can die from diseases such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis.  Heart disease especially, is a growing concern among pet owners and the FDA because several grain-free pet food has been linked to heart disease in dogs which is thought to be the reason for deaths in number of dogs.

We wanted your dogs to take full nutritional benefit from turmeric to reduce risk in the above diseases because healthy dog is a happy dog which makes the owners happy as well.  When there are studies that show turmeric stopping the growth of tumor cells we knew it had to go in our fresh dog food.

With that said, we hope you take full benefit of turmeric for your own health as well as your dog’s health.  And of course, the turmeric powder that goes in our fresh dog food is high quality, being sold for human consumption.  With fresh and high quality ingredients, you can do so much more than you think for your and your pet’s health!