So called “a complete and balanced diet”

What does it really mean though?

You may have seen a pet food that says “a complete and balanced diet”.  I personally didn’t pay much attention as when I look at packages of commercial pet food, I am quickly distracted by the picture of a dog and the background images on the package. But have you wondered what it really means?  Is it important to buy an “a complete and balanced diet”?

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, “Complete and Balanced” does not mean optimum, rather, “Complete and balanced” means that a food meets minimal theoretic health requirements for the average dog. The trials that goes to have the “complete and balanced diet” title is also for a small number of dogs for a short period of time.  Meaning “nutrient and enzyme deficiencies are inevitable.”

In addition, these commercial pet food with the “complete and balanced diet” title are getting recalled for possibly causing fatality of pets in some cases. With that said, the title “complete and balanced diet” does not mean too much.  I guess if you are looking at two commercial food with one that says “complete and balanced diet” and one that doesn’t, going with one that says “complete and balanced diet” is better but better that does not mean they're good.

A writer for Dogs Naturally Magazine wrote that in the pet food industry, there is a saying that goes "you can have a bag of sand be called complete and balanced diet as long as you meet the minimum requirement".  This is why so many ingredients and chemicals that are impossible to pronounce are added to "fortify" the commercial pet food because the vitamins and minerals are missing due to the fact that whole ingredients naturally containing the vitamins and minerals needed by pets are missing in a commercial pet food.  Not to forget their high temperature cooking methods that removes any remaining valuable nutrients.

What you have to do is look at the quality and the variety of the ingredients used in your pet companion’s food.  Only you can find out what’s good for your pet as sometimes even a vet prescribed pet food could cause additional health problem for your pets.  This is precisely the reason why the recipe for companion’s Fresh using only fresh ingredients was created.  It was my desire to be with my pet companions as long as they can while they stay happy and healthy.  I hope you and I share the same desire to give only the best for your pet companions.