Importance of Taurine for Cats

Taurine?  Aren't they in Energy Drinks?

You might’ve heard of or seen taurine if you’ve ever drank energy drinks as most energy drinks out there have taurine in them.  But did you know taurine is an *essential nutrient* for cats?  Humans and even Dogs can naturally produce taurine within our bodies, but the manufactured version of taurine in energy drinks helps regulate our heartbeat, muscle contractions and energy levels.  Cats on the other hand, despite taurine being their essential nutrient, cannot make taurine naturally within their body.

Taurine deficiency in cats can cause several problems for their health including loss of their vision due to retinal degeneration and heart diseases such as cardiomyopathy.  With this in mind, it is very important to know what kind of food are considered taurine rich ingredients.

Ingredients that has high amounts of taurine include shellfish, especially scallops, dark poultry meat as well as octopus.  Seaweed also provide small amount of taurine among other nutritional benefits.  The good news is that on our Epic Fresh Cat Food, all of the ingredients listed above are present.  Protein are also an important nutrients for cats and all of the above ingredients are packed with protein including seaweed.

With taurine and protein being an essential nutrients for cats, we wanted your kitties to take full advantage of all the taurine and protein from the ingredients that we’ve selected and added to the fresh cat food.  And we don’t have to tell you that these ingredients were added to the fresh cat food, you can just take a look for yourself and see all the added ingredients with your naked eyes unlike dried pet foods where I personally have hard time seeing any source of protein or taurine just by looking at a piece of the kibble.

Knowing that our ingredients are high quality being sold for human consumption, you can have a piece of mind that you are feeding your cats a very healthy diet.  And we aren’t kidding when we say any human can eat our fresh food and be and feel healthy!  With fresh and high quality ingredients, you can do so much more than you think for your and your pet’s health!