History of pet food

Today, I’d like to share with everyone on some history of pet food and why the dried kibbles are so widely used to feed out pets now.  With that said, let’s travel back to the 1920s to see what pets in these times have been eating.

In the 1920s, pets were fed table scraps and canned food.  This is because dried pet food was yet to have turned into a commercialized feed for our pets and they only existed in form of “dog biscuits” which was like a treat made for pets.

As a result, pets got to actually eat some real food in table scraps and also canned food which was and is better for your pet than the dried kibble that most of our pets are fed today.  But something really big happened around the 1920s that we all know about that shook the world.  The First World War.

world war 1

When the US decided to enter the First World War, the metals that were being used to make things that we use every day including canned food/pet food, had to be used elsewhere in fighting the war.  This meant that pets in the 1920s could no longer eat canned food and with the great depression, there was a need for something cheaper and convenient.

This is when the previously known as “dog biscuits” had turned in to what we now know as dried kibbles which had become the main diet for pets and that has not changed since.  It is understandable that something like this was needed back in the 1920s but it is unfortunate that for decades due to the marketing tactics people believed and some still believes to this day, that dogs should only eat dried kibbles and not nothing else. 

This was very good marketing tactic and good way to make money for giant pet food makers to have you hooked to feeding your pets only dried kibbles they made, but this is not so good for your pets...

But we pet owners are getting smarter thanks to easily accessible information via the internet and some of us already know how bad the dried kibbles are for our pets.  They’re constantly recalled over and over and the problem does not seem to be fixed as the recalls for the same reason never stops.  Also, the type of ingredients that is used and the way the kibbles are cooked, they’re hardly nutritious for our pets.

sad puppy

It is no wonder the pets before the 1920s used to live longer.  People back then didn’t know what kibbles were because they didn’t exist and pets didn’t have to eat such terrible food.  Not to forget these giant pet food companies are often owned by even bigger candy making companies where making money HAS to be the priority because of the way these big corporations work.  For these guys, it’s all about cutting cost and making more profit.  They are obligated to do so to keep their share holders profitable and this is also true for human food in many instances as well.

But we are different from these guys and we want to give what is best for your pets.  Yes, making money is necessary to stay in business, but we are not obligated to cut cost and reduce quality just to make more money like the giant pet food manufactures do.  Based on my personal experience, our #1 goal is to prevent our biggest fear of seeing your pets suffer in pain due to illness such as arthritis and cancer and not being able to do anything about it.

Fresh Pet Food Ingredients

However, we can all do something about this problem and prevent this from happening with giving your pets food that is real, fresh and healthy and allowing them to have a healthy life style.  And only you as the pet owner can make that decision for your pets as they are completely depended on you.

Now that you are aware on why commercial dried food is so widely fed and why you should stop feeding them that stuff, we hope that you can join us in making this prevention and keeping your pets healthy and happy to live a long life alongside you!